July 5, 2010

There are LOTS of updates to tell you about and I have been lazy about getting the updates on the page. More on that later as Mike Stoner is updating me on how to upload to the site...AGAIN...thanks Mikey! Once I have this website stuff down I'll update the page this week. To whet your appetite some of the RR updates in the past year are some BIG projects such as new Lower Level Lighting, Replaced all uppper level lighting with 6500k bulbs, Wiring Updates and organization, Installation of 4 main Instrument Panels at various locations around the layout, Installation of Detection via BDL168's (I figured this out...can't believe it!), Re-wired the helix to allow for 12 detection sections on the helix, Redesigned the Fresno area track, Removal and reinstallation of the tunnel portals due to clearances on curves, Installation of Fresno and Kingsburg Backdrops, Installation and use of a JMRI panel for ops, Removal of everything under the layout to allow for many of the above projects. I'm sure there is more and as I think of them I will give you updates.