Check Here Frequently for Updates to the Railroad

I started the layout in 1998 and the web site in 2009. So, from time to time I'll be updating this page with historical info and photos so you can see the progress that has taken place over the years. If you ever have questions about a technique, or comments, please feel free to drop me an e-mail at the e-mail address on the Home Page.


December 11, 2010--Tonight, in preparation for the installation of the Kings River bridge, I cut out of the benchwork the area where the bridge and river will be. Click this link for photos and description of the process Kings River bridge. I also added a Signalling page. Signalling was started in November. Updates will be uploaded soon.

December 6, 2010--Various updates over the past few months...main things are DCC working again; Signal Installation beginning; Fresno and Mojave back drops installed; Track and turnouts replaced at Bena and Goshen; Installation of spurs around the layout. Thank you to Albert Lopez, Mark Lestico, and Joel Morse. Scroll down this page to see links to other dates and photos. I'm planning a major update of the web site later this month.

September 21, 2010--The blown power supplies were sent to have them checked out and replaced on the 16th...that only took two months! I should have new ones soon and then can operate again...yaaaa. This past weekend I worked on one of the Fresno control panels, installing the switches and LED's. These are looking very nice! One downside is that the graphics for the panel are on paper between two pieces of lexan. Well, don't dribble anything on them like flux or the paper gets ruined...don't ask.

September 13, 2010--Patrick Hebert beautifully built a Cargill grain facility for the layout. He also donated another structure, a Farmer's Coop, to the layout. Patrick loves to build structures and he does a FINE job at it too. Photos soon.

September 12, 2010--Completed and installed both control panels in Fresno, north end and south end. Next step is to install the switches, LED's and wire them to the turnouts. These are angled boxes made from high quality ply and a printed panel sandwiched between two pieces of lexan. Fortunately the Tortoises are already installed (courtesey of Mike Stoner...Thanks Mikey!) so connecting them to the electrical switches should be quick. Also, I placed paper where the Kings River will be and did a rough-draw of the area. There is not going to be any easy way to hid the river going into the backdrop. However, I pulled lots of photos from Google Earth and used them as a reference for the area. Lots of tress...that's exciting. Interestingly, this bridge consists of two types of bridges, plate girder and concrete sectional. I plan to use the Micro Engineering plate girder bridges and a BLMA concrete sectional bridge. Also, I'll have the opportunity to add the northbound lanes of Highway 99. Photos soon of all these projects.

September 6, 2010--Installed backdrops in Fresno city area, as well as where the tracks go through the wall into staging and then the final piece of backdrop in Mojave. I also lowered the valence over the Fresno city area to block the view of the lighting and wires for the lighting. All this is awaiting paint. Did some testing of the new Atlas curved turnouts Mark Lestico picked up for me. Unfortunately they will NOT work. The turnouts are too long and curve too sharply to replace the Peco's I currently have on the layout! Darn! Looks like I just created more work for Mike Stoner...Mikey...are you reading this? I have a plane ticket with your name on it...heehee. Photos soon of the Fresno back drop installation.

August 28, 2010--Installation of the Fresno View Block, Back Drop, Light Switch and Outlet.

August 1, 2010--Update on the power supply failure as well as an update on the Fresno back drops.

July 25, 2010--Added BDL worksheets, both blank and the actual sheet I used for BDL A 101. Go to DCC & Wiring Page and see Block Detection. Also an update on last night's blowout.

July 24, 2010--3 of 4 power supplies blown by defective surge protector!

July 17, 2010--Added Fresno page showing the Railex facility location and info about the new BLMA Trinity refer cars.

July 11, 2010--LOTS OF MAJOR UPDATES over the past week of vacation. Added DCC & Wiring page and JMRI page.

July 5, 2010--Over the last year I have accomplished some major projects. Click here to read about them.

July 18, 2009--Added Scenery Page and pix.

July 14, 2009--Update to lower level lighting installation progressing along...and to repeat...don't do what I did. Oh, and watch the fingers!

July 12, 2009--Update to the lower level lighting installation...don't do what I did!

July 9, 2009--New Central Pacific web site up and running!