July 17, 2010 Update

BLMA has announced the new Trinity refer. And in conjunction with that I've announced the CPRX update adding the Railex facility. www.blmamodels.com

I learned about the Railex in the Extreme Trains series on The History Channel. After seeing that I made the decision to model this on the layout.

Earlier this year I arranged a visit for Craig Martyn from BLMA and me. It was huge and it was awesome! We even almost got a ride in the switcher until "the boss" discovered us in the cab...darn! I ducked but Craig was too tall. LOL. Just kidding...we had permisson.

Over the past several months I have re-designed the Fresno area, adding the Railex facility location. I was able to fit the small yard they utilize at Railex. This will allow me to run a decent sized train to/from the facility across the railroad. The track is in and now I'm working on the actual warehouse. More to come!