July 24, 2010 Update

OK...always something! Tonight I was preparing to help Mark Lestico with installing his BDL's. Since I am on Digitrax and he is not, I thought I'd set the address on a couple of BDL's that I have and take them to Mark's to make sure his system is working properly. As I was setting the address on the first one I heard a loud buzzing noise coming from Instrument Panel one in the other room. When I went to see what that was about all of a sudden the whole system shut down.

I disconnected the surge protector, which is where the noise was coming from and exchanged it at Home Depot. Upon hooking everything back I learned that the defective surge protector blew 3 of the 4 power supplies to the railroad! OMG! Next step get with Belkin to get replacements. Needless to say the layout is out of commission until the new power supplies arrive. Bummer!

To get my mind off that I updated the main page, categorizing links into three categories to make things easier to find. They are Main Pages on the site, Activities on the Railroad, and Cities and Towns on the Railroad.

I also added the start of the Helix page and the Tehachapi Loop page.