December 6, 2010 Update

Lots has been done in the last few months. The back drops are up in Fresno and Mojave AND painted! Thanks Albert Lopez!

The DCC is back up and running (for a couple months now) with all new TTX power supplies.

A couple weeks ago I had a small work party with Mark Lestico and Joel Morse. Joel is working on the Kings River bridge and has made a lot of progress...thanks Joel! Mark worked on installing signalling on the detected portion of the upper level. Mark was able to get several signals connected to the computer and operating. I assisted them with those projects and also replaced a turnout that continued to be a trouble spot in Bena. All fixed. I also replaced rail and turnouts in Goshen to re-design the area.

One of my big goals was to get rid of the old Peco curved turnouts and replace them with Atlas curved turnouts. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Atlas blew that job by making the turnouts so darn sharp...I think they are 15 & 18' radii...what for??? Also, they are too long. Soooo, that leaves me with the Peco turnouts. Some day they'll be gone!

Anyway, I was able to replace one with an Atlas. I also replaced two turnouts with Y turnounts at the Y in Goshen. Also removed a turnout off the main to the yard in Goshen. All cleaned up! In addition, I laid a number of spurs around the layout and the long spur for the dairy at Goshen. I have a few more to do and once done, I'll glue everything all at once.

Lastly, I still have been dealing with the tunnel liners at Cable. Argh! So I got pissed and cut through the mountain! For a while it looked nice with the dusting of looked like snow in the mountains. Anyway, I'm working on installing a liner inside this tunnel. The difficulty with this tunnel is that it and a few others are on a curve and difficult to get into and form anything. YES...they should have been done before scenery...don't ask...they aren't! If you're're invited to come over and take over the project...

Ok. Next informal work party will be Dec. 18th and then I'm taking some time off over the holidays and should get lots more done this month! I am going to try to do a major update on the web site during that time too.

Pictures soon! I say that a lot huh.

Thank you to Albert Lopez, Mark Lestico, and Joel Morse for their help!