August 28, 2010 Update

Due to work this month progress has been slow...well...what progress! That's terrible.

Fortunately Mark Lestico came over today for a short time and we accomplished a few small but important projects. The first was connecting a light switch in the Fresno area that controls an outlet above the Fresno area that will be the control for the fans. Second, we hung the Fresno backdrop. And third, installed the view block at the left end of Fresno city area. This will block your view of the lighting and wiring for the lighting as you walk into the layout room. Just a few finishing touches need to be made and viola. Thanks Mark!


Fresno View Block Installed (Link to Fresno Page)

Fresno View Block Installed

Fresno View Block and Back Drop Installed below. Above, where the fan is, is where the installation of the outlet for the fans is located and the light switch is in the bottom left of the photo, at the white square. Now the backdrop will be painted sky blue.

Fresno View Block and Back Drop Installed