August 1, 2010 Update

In the last couple updates you'll remember the power supplies have blown. Still not sure why but it may have something to do with the grounding in the room. I'm working on that and making sure the grounding is ample in the staging room where the Command Stations are located. My house was built without grounding so that could be the issue.

Today I was working on the back drop for Fresno. It's a 4x8 sheet of masonite so was cutting it to fit and allow for a light switch and sockets in the board. Eventually the switch will control 3 fans in the layout room for air circulation. I'm also installing a solid wood wall on the right side of Fresno for esthetic reasons. This wall will block your view as you enter the train room. It will block you from seeing the wiring for and the flourescent lights that light Fresno. It will also allow me to put buildings right up to the board and prevent anyone from destroying the buildings.

All this is being done to get the few pieces of back drop installed. In addition to this big piece there are a few smaller pieces as well as a couple small backdrop pieces to be installed at Goshen and Kingsburg. The last two are waiting for the creek to be cut into the table top.

Lastly, Mike Stoner is still trying to get a counter on the web site!