Tunnel Problems...Oops!

I "thought" I installed the tunnel portals correctly. However, upon removing the tape from them that kept the hydrocal off them I realized that I did not. Long story short, I had to remove most of the portals on the curves and re-install them to allow for clearance of longer and higher equipment. These photos are at Cable.

As built, the portals are too low and tight for large equipment such as double stacks around most of the curve.


Original portals removed and temporarily installed for clearance check.


Leveling and balancing for permanent installation.


Wide view of re-installation.


First train through the newly positioned portal! Now that that is done, I've installed lower level lighting which means I now have to seal the tunnels from errant light...Argh!...OR...Yippee...I get to work on another project on the RR!