Kingsburg will contain the Kings River bridge, a portion of Kingsburg and the Sun-Maid plant. The main scenery features will be the Kings River bridge and a large Sunk-Maid plant.


Other than the mainline being laid in Kingsburg, the next project I started was the Kings River bridge. This bridge is located just south of Kingsburg and is located adjacent to Highway 99. One can drive on Hwy 99 and see the bridge perfectly.

I began the construction of the bridge by drawing the bridge on the benchwork. I did this shortly after I laid the mainline and there it has been for years now. In September 2010 I laid paper over the track and area where the bridge is to go and used photos from Google Earth to draw how I wanted the river and bridge to look. Joel Morse was kind enough to give me several Micro Engineering kits he had on hand. Little did either of us realize that he would be the one to build the bridge! Well, Joel has taken on this project full force and his excitement in this project has given me the motivation to help him complete it.

So on December 11, 2010, I moved all wiring underneath the benchwork where the bridge will be and cut out the benchwork conforming to the river drawing I made of the area. I cut away all structural benchwork allowing me to lower the river three inches below "ground level." The bridge itself will be about two feet long. The photos below show the process described above.

Pic 1 and 2 above show mainline installed and bridge drawn in.


Laying the paper to draw the river and bridge.

Laying the paper


Finished drawing!


The three photos below show the start of test fitting the bridge templates.


Some planning questions to be answered.


The photo below shows track removed, area sanded and starting to cut the area out for the river and bridge. The verticle 2x4's are support for the upper level and will be hidden by the back drop. The brown at the top of the photo is the fascia for the upper level at Cable.


Cutting complete in the photo below. Notice the writing "Caliente-Bodfish Road" on the benchwork. Much of the benchwork used in this layout was from a previous layout.


The photo below shows how I cut the fascia. I knew I wouldn't be able to get a straight line free-handing it so I first cut the verticle cuts (one on the right) and then I inserted a string into one cut and ran it around to the second cut with knots at both ends and pulled taught (white line). Then I put blue tape above and below the string. This served two was make a thin line to make the cut because the string needed to be removed. The second was to make sure the jig saw didn't damage the fascia.


Finished with the fascia cutting. Notice the benchwork structure has also been cut away and additional support has been installed.


Test fitting the base of the river.


Final placement of the river bed.


Temporarily re-installing the orginal track



Final shot showing the difference in elevation.


Joel Morse hard at work....hmmm...where do I start!?


I told you to get that fricken camera outta my face!


Progress coming along nicely on the first of 5 spans.


Test fitting the first span.


Concrete section of the bridge under construction


Construction of the Kings River bridge


Construction of the Kings River bridge piers

More photos coming soon!