First of all...LOVE IT!!! If you haven't gotten into JMRI you should. See more at this link... It's free and created and updated by fellow modelers.

I spent months messin' around with JMRI. Yes, it takes a bit of brain power to learn it but if I can do it I know anyone can. Computers are not my specialty and I can get through JMRI. I remember bugging Mark Lestico to get involved in JMRI and his resistance to trying to learn "all that." All it took was for Mark to go on a vacation and he really dove in. In fact he dove in so much that he created a panel for himself and one for me too...Thanks Mark! Since then, about May 2010, and this writing July 2010, Mark has updated the panels about 5 times.

The panel shown below is from June 15, 2010. My railroad is a double deck layout however, to fit everything in we made the panel a tri-level. This panel is a working panel and will be updated as time goes along. I'll post updates here when I have them. (I apologize for the clarity below...a new image will be uploaded)