Fresno on the CPRX does not contain a large yard, that's in Bakersfield and Mojave. There is the main and passing siding for the UP and a Main and two passing sidings for the BNSF. One of the sidings on the BNSF is used for transfers between BNSF and the SJVRR. The SJVRR does most of the switching in Fresno on the CPRX. The UP however switches the Railex facility as well as the other industries on the east side of the UP.

Fresno consists of many industries such as Railex, a plastics plant, a scrap company at Calwa crossing, and several farm and produce related industries including the Owens Valley Produce Company from Mike Stoner's Owens Valley Sub Railroad. The Owens Valley Produce Co. also has a location in Bakersfield and there is a lot of traffic, both truck and rail, between these facilities and the main company on the Owens Valley RR.

Freso also consists of a downtown area that includes city street switching amongst the buildings.

Railex cold storage facility info

Expect to see a long train of the new BLMA refer cars on the CPRX pulling up to the new Railex facility. As you may recall, over the past few months I've redesigned the Fresno area on the railroad. This was to add the Railex facility. The actual Railex facility is located in Delano, not too far from Fresno. Since, even if I did model the city of Delano, I wouldn't have room for the Railex facility, so I "relocated" it to Fresno. On the layout the facility is about 10' long.

You will notice in the BLMA video the switcher moving cars in a small yard for Railex. The yard is recreated on the CPRX and the building is in the process of being built. This is an exciting industry to model! Watch for udpates.


Go to UPDATE PAGE FOR JULY 17, 2010 announcing Railex and details

Visit to see the video and product being released in N and HO spring 2011.

Railex Facility Location


It took a long time to get the back drop up. The valence had been in stalled many years ago however in August and September 2010 I lengthened the valence to hide the lighting and wiring for the lights. I like it better this way, however, it comes down pretty low on the 2nd level. Comprimises! I've also installed, but not painted yet, the back drop in the Fresno area. Paint will come soon and you'll see that in future photos. Lastly, I installed a view block at the left end of the Fresno city area. This blocks one's view of the lighting and wiring as you enter the main train room. Photos are below.

The view block is the blue area on the left in both of these photos. The valence is not yet lowered in either of these photos. More photos to come.