DCC and Wiring

The layout is powered by a Digitrax Chief using a DCS100, a DB150 and two DB100+'s. Originally I was going to make on Instrument Panel and have all DCC devices on one panel. After thinking about this further I decided to split everything into 4 separate Instrument Panels around the layout as follows.

Panel 1 is in the Traffic Center room and contains the DCS100 and boosters

Panel 2 is under Kingsburg

Panel 3 is under Goshen

Panel 4 is inside and under the Helix


Power Districts

The power districts are created using PM42's. There are 4 PM42's: One on Panel 1, One on Panel 2, Two on Panel 3. I know I may have over-powered and over-separated the layout but I had the equipment and wanted to make sure that nothing shut down.


Block Detection

Block detection is handled by 10 BDL168's. The BDL's are scattered around on each panel. As of this writing (7-11-10) two are installed. One on Panel 3 and one on Panel 4. These two BDL's cover the area from Cable to Magunden. This was the easiest part of the railroad to start with however, the Sand Cut-Magunden proved to be very difficult as they are located inside the Helix which was wired ages ago and had to be re-wired. See July-11-2010 UPDATE PAGE.

Below is the BDL Hookup Worksheet for BDL A #101 ... Click here for a BLANK BDL WORKSHEET

BDL Hookup Worksheet A 101