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WORK PARTIES are set up occassionally. The next work party is set for December 18th, 2010. Space is limited and you must call first. My number is at the bottom of this page.

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Tehachapi Loop September 2010

The Central Pacific Railway Story

The railroad is based on the SP/UP trackage between Mojave and Fresno, California in the modern era. Back in 1998 when I planned the railroad I was looking to model an area of all three railroads in Southern California. Tehachapi held the best scenery to my eye so that is what I chose.

My fairytale story goes...that soon after the DRGW purchased the SP they needed cash. The CPRX company made an offer the DRGW could not refuse for the portion of the railroad between Los Angeles and Sacramento, California and the rest is history.

Today the Central Pacific enjoys the run throught traffic of both the UP and the BNSF over the Tehachapi's as well as it's own originating business. Heading north from Bakersfield, the BNSF takes it's own route to Fresno. Additionally, the San Joaquin Valley RR operates over some portions of the CPRX. The railroad is thriving due to increased business over the past decade. What an opportunity! If the original creators of the Central Pacific could see the railroad now!

The N scale layout is a loosely modeled portion of the UP (ex SP) between Mojave and Fresno. This includes the Tehachapi Loop area. It is a two-level layout, with the upper level being the mountainous portion from Mojave to Bena, a farming town just south of Bakersfield. The lower level is the portion of the railroad from Bakersfield to Fresno, open, flat farming land. Between the two levels is a 6-level helix

The layout is large, filling a 19' X 18' layout room (previously a garage) and a 12 X 10 1/2 staging room for a total of about 468 sqft of double deck railroad. The time period is current.

Extending north from Fresno and south from Mojave, the trains continue into staging yards on their respective levels. There are many industries typical of the area planned for the layout to provide the best operational possibilities.

Operation is the goal for the layout. The mainline and most of the yards and spurs are complete and operational. As mentioned, operations is the goal and the layout is being built to accomodate operations using Digitrax DCC and computer aided control. The dispatcher's room (also staging and eventually a locomotive facility in an adjacent closet) is located next to the layout room and house the dispatcher, the dispatcher's panel and computer monitor using JMRI for traffic control. Walk-around radios keep train engineers in communication with the dispatcher.

As mentioned, the layout is well under way. Currently we are looking for people familiar with electronics, signaling, advanced DCC knowledge, operational interest and operators. If you are interested in getting involved with the construction and/or operation of the layout, please call or e-mail Frank Kenny at the e-mail or phone number below.

If there is anything you see on this site that you could use some help with please let me know. If too much time has not passed (for my memory!) I will help you in any way I can.

Operation and construction occur regularly and you are welcome to join us. Thank you for visiting today.

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